Looking to Rehome?

We get multiple requests every day to save pets who are in shelters or in need of a new home due to other circumstances. Our foster homes remain at full capacity. There are simply too many sitting on death row in shelters waiting for their chance to be saved, and not enough adopters or people who are willing to make room in their lives to take them in. 

We can only help as many as we have the foster space & resources for, and our primary mission is to save those in shelters who have been abandoned and are at risk of euthanasia. Shelters, even those local to us, are completely overburdened with pets and thousands end up being euthanized due to lack of space. Surrendering your pet is a very stressful and confusing experience. Almost all reasons that people have for thinking about surrendering their pet can be mitigated and solved with training and a committed owner. You are your pet's family, and you made a promise to them. Please try and keep that promise.

We understand that there are those very few instances when an owner can absolutely not keep their pet and they have exhausted all other alternatives. If you find you are still considering surrendering your pet, the first step is to fill out the rehoming application on our website.

Please be aware that there is an animal crisis occurring and rescues and shelters are overflowing. Due to this, Full Circle Rescue cannot guarantee that we will have a spot for your pet. We are foster-based. This means that animals we intake go into foster homes, that most often have other pets and children in the home. Please keep this in mind when you consider surrendering your pet.

If you are absolutely out of options and have no other choice but to find a new place for your pet, we would like to refer you to 'Rehome'.

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